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How do you not become the target of crime?

Affordable Self-Defense with Wholesale Stun Guns

Do not be the easiest prey for a predator. Carry a self-defense weapon to help yourself. You can always buy cheap just to try it. One idea is to find a reseller of wholesale stun guns that are drop-shipped. The drop ship wholesaler undertakes storage and delivery for its resellers. Thus, the reseller has no such burden to pass onto you through a high retail cost.

Most crimes are calculated risks. Criminals tend to pick the most convenient targets, so don’t be one. If your home has a security alarm system, a burglar will simply move on to the next house. A thief will not snatch a bag that looks too heavy or secured to its owner to run away with.

Besides, it is quicker and easier to procure a weapon than to learn a skill. Start bringing a stun gun along to self-defense class.

Stun guns can paralyze, inflict pain and disorient using a non-lethal electric shock. You have a real shot at escaping and calling 9-1-1 while your attacker is immobilized for 20 to 45 minutes.

Disguised stun guns like cell phone stun guns can catch attackers off guard since they look like everyday objects. Small stun guns like lipstick stun guns are inconspicuous, and can be hidden in the hand. A mini stun gun with a powerful voltage is not hard to find.

High voltage stun guns with low amperage work fast, but without killing. Flashlight stun guns are the most useful at night. Longer than conventional stun guns, stun batons can defend you from some distance.

A drop ship wholesaler will ship a paid order straight from its inventory to its reseller’s customer. The order makes one trip, and does not go through redundant quality checks.

You could buy stun gun products by your trusted stun gun manufacturers to resell. You then augment your income, and help others defend themselves. Otherwise, enjoy low rates for drop-shipped wholesale stun guns as an end user.

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